Useful Tips On Neko Atsume Cheats Rare Cats

If you love cats like I do, then Neko Atsume is a game that will interest you. You can have fun playing it on your Android or iOS device. The game involves collecting cats virtually. If you love cats, then this game will keep them close to you everywhere you go. The other advantage is that virtual interaction with cats is more fun that real live since you do not have to perform activities such as cleaning up.

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Neko Atsume is a free to play game although there is an option whereby you can buy more Niboshi to attract more cats. Here are some tips that can help you attract more cats. These are some of the most popular neko atsume cheats goldfish and rare cats tips that you may be looking for online.

Need for creativity is one of the things that makes this game interesting. You need to arrange the toys in your virtual yard in a creative way so as to attract cats. You need to adequately furnish your yard so as to make the cats more comfortable. Arrange the cats’ favorite toys so that they can have fun when playing with them. Also, put extra stuff such as pillows that will boost the cats comfort in the yard.

Rare cats require an extra effort so that they can come to your yard. One of the factors that determine whether the rare acts will like your yard is the food you give to them. Try and avoid cheap food and give your cats the expensive ones. The game has a wide variety of foods to choose from thus it up to you to buy the best food from the available options. If you offer special food to the rare cat, then you should expect a lot of rare cats in your yard since they will like it.

The trick to maintaining a lot of rare cats is to determine what attracts them most. If you notice that there is an item that has attracted a lot of rare cats, then you should consider buying more often.

Also, you need to choose the right item to attract a certain cat. Here is a list of some items and the types of cats they are likely to attract.

Senor Don Gato :
To draw this cat you need to place the Mister mouse in your yard.

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Xerxes XI :
This one of the rare cats that required fancy toys and foods for it to hang a little bit in your yard. You should also place a Zanzibar cushion since its one of the items that will make this cat like your yard.

Miss Fortune :
You will have to put the cardboard house in your yard for her to appear.

Bob the cat :
This cat usually appears if you place the cat metropolis in the yard.

Kathmandu :
This cat likes Temari ball. He will not appear if try going cheap on him you need to place expensive food in your garden.

Sassy fran :
Placing a cardboard house café in your yard will make this cat appear in no time.

Tubbs :
having this cat in your yard is a deal breaker since he always gives you a lot of gifts as he leaves. To make him hang around for a while you need to keep on refilling the bowl of food with fancy foods. The giant cushion item can also make him like your yard and hang a bit longer.

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